Lower Lodge Conservation and Museum Services 

Lower Lodge is experienced in all types of Wooden Object Conservation.

Specializing in Furniture Conservation

We also offer Object Conservation on metal.

On-site conservation services,

for furniture, upholstery, carving,

Chandelier repair and re-wiring.

Lower Lodge Conservation and Museum Services

can coordinate your entire project.

We work with specialized conservators

with textiles, paintings, books, and ceramics.

Lower Lodge Conservation

can tackle a single object

or an entire collection.



Chair finial

The original with the copy

prior to

staining and polishing

The original and copy were both made from mahogany  


Richard Branyan directs all conservation work at LLMCS, he trained in England and is a graduate of the University of London's College of Furniture.
He worked in England with a major conservation firm, whose clients included Royalty and major public collections
LLCMS has worked with most State and Federal sites located in the deep South of the USA.

Custom Carving