Founded by the Ridgeway brothers around 1792 at the Bell Works.

By 1802 the brothers set up on their own and Job built a new pottery at Cauldon Place.

Job Ridgeway's sons John and William took over their uncle's Bell works and signed their items as J. & W. Ridgeway or J. & W.R. or J.W.R. these marks date prior to 1830 when the brothers separated.

William Ridgeway continued at the Bell works until 1848.  John worked with his father at Cauldon Place from 1830 and produced stone china and porcelain of the highest quality.  Queen Victoria appointed him "Potter to the Queen"  and he used the Royal Arms with his initials JR included as his mark. In 1840 the mark added "& Co.".

This firm continued until 1855 when the name changed to Ridgeway, Bates & Co.

1862 the name changed to Brown/Westhead, Moore & Co.

1905 the name changed to Cauldon Ltd. 



Fine Blue Ridgeway Ink Pot, with pen holder and a removable well.
Circa 1850
Knob restored


Interior view of Ridgeway Ink Well


A fine Ridgeway Spill Vase, with blue ground and well painted flowers
Hairline cracks
Fraction Mark 3/396
Circa 1815
$ 425.00


Reverse of Spill Vase


Fine Large Ridgeway Center Piece
Circa 1830


Ridgeway Interior


Pair of Ridgeway plates, with nice gilding
Circa 1830
Fraction Mark 1/719
$ 60.00 each
$ 100.00 pair